A lot of people suffer through back pain these days. It is in fact one of the most common concerns that grownups have to deal with from time to time. Ninety percent will deal with it at some point during life.

One of the most effective treatments for back pain so far has to be amniotic stem cell therapy. These stem cells can propel your back to hasten the healing process, whether it’s for a disc or spinal joint problem.

Why do you need this therapy?

The composition of the body is made up of billions of special cells from all parts and organs of the body. Every one of these cells normally experiences a degenerative activity, and subsequent regeneration. This is how growth works. Old cells die in favor of new ones and so forth. When new cells are brought into the picture, they are able to multiply faster than the ones they replaced, hence the continuity of the growth process.

Back pain, like most of the other painful experiences that you experience in the body happens because the ability of the body to regenerate new cells or tissues has been exceeded by the degenerative process. In the disc space, for instance, the ability of the body itself to regenerate is terrible. There is minimal blood supply.

When it comes to the spinal joints going up and down the spine, they are highly prone to degeneration. While your body continues to make cartilage in response, the degenerative process is too rapid to keep up.

Thankfully, amniotic stem cell therapy has been a revolutionary option for those dealing with chronic back pain due to a disc degeneration or spinal arthritis problem.

How would I benefit from this form of therapy?

There are so many unique benefits of using this form of therapy against taking other options to deal with back pain. First off, this is a procedure that will be done as an outpatient, without lengthy rehab. Back surgery entails a hospital stay with lenthy rehab and potential complications. None of this is necessary with amniotic regenerative therapy!

One of the other reasons why it would be a good idea to consider this option for back pain is because upon completion of the procedure, it is easier for you to get back to your normal activity. Therefore you no longer have to worry about the usually long rehabilitation processes that are used to restore your ability to move or stay strong.

The amniotic material is immunologically privileged, meaning it does not cause a rejection. The material contains growth factors, stem cells and hyaluronic acid – all of which are effective at helping regenerate damaged discs and spinal joints.

If you or a loved one is dealing with chronic back pain, call Regenerative Network International for the top stem cell therapy for back pain available!