Stem cell therapy is a relatively new field of study at the moment, with the top physicians now offering regenerative medicine for spinal arthritis. That being said however, there have been impressive results, results which are bound to be a revolution in as far as stem cell therapy is concerned.

Success in amniotic stem cell therapy for spinal arthritis for example, could help so many patients who have for a long time struggled to find a good solution for their challenges. With back and neck surgery having significant complication potential and questionable outcomes, it helps to have an effective nonoperative option available.

Concerns about amniotic stem cell therapy

Like any other medical procedure that is just getting into the mainstream world of medicine, there are spheres of the industry that consider amniotic stem cell therapy with a lot of trepidation. In most cases it is about ethical concerns.

However, there are no ethical issues as the fluid does not contain embryonic stem cells, and the fetus is not harmed in any way when the fluid is harvested. It does contain growth factors, hyaluronic acid and stem cells which is great for helping repair spinal arthritis.

What makes this treatment different?

What makes amniotic stem cell therapy for arthritis different is the fact that it offers more than the regular medication would. Think about it, when you are on steroids and cortisone injections, the pain goes away for sure, but after a while, you start experiencing the pain again, and you have to endure another injection. This treatment actually helps repair injury, not just putting a band-aid over it.

Ideally, through amniotic stem cell therapy, what happens is that the body is challenged to perform what it is supposed to do in the first place, heal itself. How does this happen?

Well, the amniotic stem cell therapy has a regenerative property which your body would certainly appreciate. It is important to note that when you have spinal arthritis, in most cases the tissue around the spinal area has degenerated and repair has not kept up. Other than that, lubrication in the joints or spaces between the joints has diminished, and this is where amniotic therapy comes into play.

The stem cells when introduced into the body, have a regenerative effect in the sense that they will tend to replace the cells that have died, and restore the ones that were failing prior to their introduction into your system.

The treatment helps repair both spinal discs and joints that have degenerated, often allowing patients to avoid surgery.

Are there any benefits?

The first thing that most patients would love to ask is of course whether there are any tangible benefits of taking up this alternative instead of sticking with the tried and tested steroid injections. Well, this is one of the safest and most effective forms of treatment available so far, in case you have spinal arthritis.

The majority of patients experience dramatic relief with regenerative medicine treatment for spinal conditions. Call Regenerative Network International for top treatment today!